The industry we are in requires us to serve our clients and business partners’ in a way that we can be an extension to their own business. Our solutions are derived from a deep understanding of your objectives, culture and vision, helping our team to strategically craft the programs for you.


The key to being extraordinary and different from the market is to design solutions that not only satisfy our clients but also ‘wow’ them. Extensive experience in the field has helped our team know how to go out of their way to provide excellent and inspirational experiences.


A successful event’s key USP is the detailing. We pay attention to the smallest of things – those you might not have even imagined could make a difference. A well-planned and executed event will not only reflect well on your company’s brand image but also help us build a long-lasting relationship with you.


We love what we do, it’s more than just a job for us. Making sure our guests not only enjoy their trip but are left with lifelong memories is the ultimate goal of all our hard work and meticulous planning.We love to go out of our way to bring a smile to their faces.


We have embraced technology to create smoother processes and efficient systems, but not without recognizing the need for intense personalized human service.Our systems help us minimize error, helping us organize large-scale events with utmost ease.


Change is the only constant and we manage destinations that are continually growing and re-inventing themselves. This means, we must make sure that we are not only adapting to the trends but staying ahead of them.

About Us

We believe in creating meaningful experiences that drive brand loyalty and drive business for our partners. In a destination that spoils one for choice when it comes to venues, settings and facilities, we have built a strong relationship locally and a robust team internally to create and deliver extraordinary experiences.

As part of Desert Gate, an organization that was established in 2004 as a supplier of the local needs of top-level tour operators in the UAE and is a full-fledged Premium DMC today, our MICE team is backed by a strong empire that was built on professionalism, extensive experience and guest-centricity.

Desert Gate is part of the MTS Globe group ( and through that partnership has access to the best-in-class technology and cleanest XML feed in the industry. Also, as a traditional DMC and MICE expert, Desert Gate has all you can expect from a first-rate ground handler, such as excellent contracting, creative excursions and superior in-resort service levels.

Desert Gate combines the very best of anend-to-end MICE company with avant-garde technology and connectivity. Our trusted industry relationships play a crucial role in how we advocate on your behalf- especially in a sellers’ market.